The way of Wisdom - 2015

The way of Wisdom - 2015

Thursday, August 28, 2014

2015 M90 Version released!

The fifth in a series of verse memorization has been released
by the General Youth. You can find all five of the programs
at this link:

As always, Quiz On!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

News and notes - August 27, 2014

It's been a quiet off season up to now. Not to fret though as I have
some info to pass on. Sis Wilson has posted the new 2015 version
of BQTournament and BQQuote.

You can find them both here:

Also, Ryan O'Neil has come out with some great starter videos for
those newbies starting quizzing. You can find those on the Senior
Bible Quiz website, under resources.

Things should start picking up over the next several weeks, Stay
tuned, as always, Quiz On!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


We have been busy with updating the page for 2015. All Extravaganza, material,
and verse listings have been updated to reflect the 2015 quiz material. We even
updated the M90 page. More to come soon.

As always, Quiz On!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

2014 NAJBQT Coach & Quizzer Awards

NAJBQT Coach & Quizzer Awards

Beginner Division Awards
New Team Merit Award: Illinois 2
Coach of the Year
Runner-Up: The Krouses - Florida 1
Coach of the Year: Johnathan Green - Texas 1
Quizzer of the Year
3rd Runner-Up: Silas Freeman – Louisiana 1
2nd Runner-Up: Maggie Jayroe – Arkansas 1
1st Runner-Up: Landry Houk – Indiana 1
Quizzer of the Year: Raymond Krouse – FL 1 & Annalise Green – TX 1

Junior Division Awards
New Team Merit Award: Arkansas 1
Coach of the Year
2nd Runner-Up: Justin Wall – Wisconsin 1
1st Runner-Up: Stacy Lynn – Texas 2
Coach of the Year: The Swanks – Western 1
Quizzer of the Year
4th Runner-Up: Clayton Czerniakowski – Wisconsin 2
3rd Runner-Up: Hailey Hairford Louisiana 1
2nd Runner-Up: Emma Carter – Ohio 3
1st Runner-Up: Victoria Swank – Western 1
Quizzer of the Year: Sydney McDonald – Western 2

Friday, August 8, 2014

2014 - A year in perspective - News and Notes

The quiz year is over, finally. The kids are off playing, the parents are vacationing
and coaches are plotting for next year. This year saw a major change in NABQT
team qualifiers. The juniors hit it out of the park with a record amount of  teams
while the seniors fell a little short.

It was nice to see some new blood come on the scene as there were several new
champions in the different divisions. I noted some stuff earlier this year but will
touch on that at a latter date.

My predictions were not that far off this year. My teams did very well and they
placed high with two of them winning two of the four titles. This is also a sad
time because we have lost several long time quizzers. 33 last year quizzers
spoke recently at the NABQT Prayer and Share service.

It was amazing at the content and honesty that was provided. You could see those
headed to the ministry, those interested in christian work, and others who were just
having a hard time expressing themselves and what they want to do in life.

All in all, that service says and does a lot. I recommend potential quizzers watch
that video and listen to what these young people have to say. Not all are perfect
but it takes guts to admit mistakes, especially in front of a lot of people and those

In just a few weeks, some important decisions will be made. To coach or not to
coach. To quiz or not to quiz. To commit or not to commit. To sacrifice or not to
sacrifice. Only time will tell.

Anyways, for now I'm going to take a much needed break from blogging. As
always, Quiz On!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

2014 NABQT Experienced
08-02-2014 to 08-06-2014
St. Charles, MO
53 Teams
Top 12 Teams
RankTeamWinsLossesAvg PPGProjected PPG
1stOhio 160211.66667216.89149
2ndMissouri 172185.55556187.36403
3rdOhio 252159.28571156.11970
4thWestern 152178.57143204.30551
Tied 5thLouisiana 562115.00000127.99864
Tied 5thLouisiana 362143.75000176.25474
Tied 7thSouth Carolina 162118.12500135.71849
Tied 7thFlorida 152173.57143192.92796
Tied 9thOklahoma 132152.00000189.84639
Tied 9thOregon 132124.00000130.06908
Tied 9thWisconsin 132150.00000175.26515
Tied 9thFlorida 332124.00000144.55828

Highest Scoring Individuals (top 2 from top 4 teams)
1st Highest - Tanner Carroll  Ohio 1 (1st)  125.83333 ppg
2nd Highest - Megan Favorite  Missouri 1 (2nd)  110.55556 ppg

All Tournament Team (all must have at least 2 wins)
1) Shelbi Willhoite  Oklahoma 2 (Tied 13th)  143.33333 ppg
2) Leanna Toups  Florida 1 (Tied 7th)  124.28571 ppg
3) Makalya Mickle  North Carolina 1 (Tied 13th)  123.00000 ppg
4) Vincent Beardsley  New Jersey-Delaware 1 (Tied 17th)  120.00000 ppg
5) Jacob Zimmerman  Wisconsin 1 (Tied 9th)  116.00000 ppg

2014 NABQT Intermediate
08-02-2014 to 08-06-2014
St. Charles, MO
54 Teams

Top 12 Teams
RankTeamWinsLossesAvg PPGProjected PPG
1stWisconsin 161147.85714160.28299
2ndWestern 192170.45455195.44430
3rdAlabama 252145.00000158.59375
4thArkansas 242119.16667132.91273
Tied 5thTexas 542186.66667212.62335
Tied 5thTexas 252137.85714158.73090
Tied 7thLouisiana 462143.12500168.47606
Tied 7thMissouri 162165.62500185.66211
Tied 9thNew Jersey-Delaware 232128.00000125.91523
Tied 9thLouisiana 132182.00000174.91987
Tied 9thFlorida 132168.00000144.10616
Tied 9thAlabama 152164.28571188.20864

Highest Scoring Individuals (top 2 from top 4 teams)
1st Highest - Riley Doerflinger  Wisconsin 1 (1st)  99.28571 ppg
2nd Highest - Jeffrey McConnell  Western 1 (2nd)  90.45455 ppg

All Tournament Team (all must have at least 2 wins)
1) Cole Blackford  Florida 1 (Tied 9th)  130.00000 ppg
2) Seth Franke  Texas 5 (Tied 5th)  127.50000 ppg
3) Connor Angell  South Carolina 1 (Tied 17th)  115.00000 ppg
4) Carson Elliott  Louisiana 1 (Tied 9th)  114.00000 ppg
5) Grayson Venus  Illinois 1 (Tied 13th)  111.66667 ppg

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