Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter!

From the staff of SACJOE, we want to wish everyone and Happy
Easter Sunday!

And as our saying always goes, keep on Quizzing On! Quiz On!

News and Notes - Happy Easter Sunday to all!

I thought I was going to get a break this weekend but looks like we did
indeed have some quizzing action happening. Both Ohio and Wisconsin
Districts had tournaments so I am posting results. Anyways, as always,
Quiz On!
Ohio - April - Experienced
Groveport, OH
7 Teams
Top 4 Teams
RankTeamWinsLossesAvg PPGProjected PPG
1stZanesville - Bounds 140227.50000271.80389
2ndCincinnati - Paslay32153.00000189.52163
3rdToledo - Dillingham22125.00000152.98727
4thLancaster - Keller12156.66667170.12950

Highest Scoring Individuals (top 2 from top 4 teams)
1st Highest - Tanner Carroll  Zanesville - Bounds 1 (1st)  150.00000 ppg
2nd Highest - Stephen Coakley  Lancaster - Keller (4th)  118.33333 ppg

All Tournament Team (all must have at least 2 wins)
1) Kayla Kloss  Cincinnati - Paslay (2nd)  108.00000 ppg
2) Faina Shaulov  Toledo - Dillingham (3rd)  68.75000 ppg
3) Elayna Glover  Zanesville - Bounds 1 (1st)  60.00000 ppg
4) Josh Fejes  Toledo - Dillingham (3rd)  46.25000 ppg
5) Gabe Bowling  Cincinnati - Paslay (2nd)  38.00000 ppg
Ohio - April - Intermediate
Groveport, OH
14 Teams
Top 4 Teams
RankTeamWinsLossesAvg PPGProjected PPG
1stDublin - Carpenter40150.00000164.69289
2ndZanesville - Bounds52143.57143159.90874
3rdCincinnati - Paslay32119.00000155.15707
4thXenia - Dillingham32123.00000138.82998

Highest Scoring Individuals (top 2 from top 4 teams)
1st Highest - Lainey Donato  Dublin - Carpenter (1st)  116.25000 ppg
2nd Highest - Parker Keller  Xenia - Dillingham (4th)  94.00000 ppg

All Tournament Team (all must have at least 2 wins)
1) Andy Mollett  Dublin - Meyer (Tied 5th)  90.00000 ppg
2) Alec Mealick  Zanesville - Bounds (2nd)  72.14286 ppg
3) Noah Juste  Cincinnati - Paslay (3rd)  67.00000 ppg
4) Abigail Padar  Newark - Sjostrand (Tied 5th)  62.50000 ppg
5) Corynne Sasz  Barberton - Pamer (Tied 7th)  56.25000 ppg

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Break Week - Update

For most, it's Easter week. That means most will be home celebrating so I don't
expect to be posting any quizzing results this weekend. We will be picking it
back up next week.

It was asked why we have not posted any WPF results. I would have but was
unable to follow on  The whole site is kind of goofy and
outdated so we will be passing on those updates.

I will only follow nationals, if that, when the time comes. As for now, I will be
taking a very well deserved rest and break from blogging. It has been a long
day. Going to enjoy the rest of my week.

As always, Quiz On!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

News and Notes - April 13, 2014 - Junior Extravaganza

This was an exciting tournament but we had plenty of issues getting results. This,
so far is the biggest Junior Extravaganza this year. A total of 91 teams participated
in both divisions. When it was all said and done, One church was really happy!

In the Beginner Division, it was the host church taking the honors as the team from
Indianapolis Indiana took first place. Taking the other slot was the team from
Zanesville Ohio.

Zanesville fought a courageous battle, winning 9 straight quizzes to just fall short in
the Championship to Indianapolis. Both these teams have locked up slots in the up
coming NAJBQT.

NCBQE Beginner
Indianapolis, IN
37 Teams
Top 2 Teams
RankTeamWinsLossesAvg PPGProjected PPG
1stIndianapolis, IN 160147.50000175.40179
2ndZanesville, Ohio92149.09091143.75000

In the Junior Division, this was a very interesting quiz tournament. Who would of
thought that two teams from the same church would march threw 54 teams?

Well, the teams from Lebanon Missouri did just that. Not only did they both win,
they dominated this tournament. From start to finish. I have to be honest but I do
not recount this ever happening on this type of scale, but it did.

So, congrats go out to Lebanon Missouri 1 and 2 on a great tournament. Lets see
if Texas can top this one. Gonna be tough boys and girls.

NCBQE Junior
04-11-2014 to 04-12-2014
Indianapolis, IN
54 Teams
Top 2 Teams
RankTeamWinsLossesAvg PPGProjected PPG
1stLebanon, MO 281136.66667148.58135
2ndLebanon, MO 15297.8571499.29847

We are down to the last two Extravaganzas of the year. Looks like it has been
a very successful year for 16 teams at all locations. Once all is done I will post 
those teams that have qualified both Junior and Senior via the Extravaganza.

I am particularly interested how this effects the district finals of each district. How
are you going to set it up? We will see soon as District Finals is now on the horizon
and not that far away.

So with that, I will bid farewell for now. And as always, Quiz On!   

News and Notes - April 13, 2014 - Senior Extravaganza

It was a long weekend as we had Extravaganzas in two different locations. In the
Eastern Senior Extravaganza, there was a total of 48 teams. 27 in the Experienced
Division and 21 in the Intermediate Division.

Congrats go out to Chesapeake Virginia and Wilmington Delaware for winning both
Divisions. Congrats also go out to Gainsville Florida, who took second place in both
Divisions. These four teams are now qualified for the NABQT.

Aside from the regular problems experienced from, it was a great
tournament. It is also good to see some different faces taking up these slots. I had
mentioned earlier this year that there was a change in the air and we are seeing it.

Good work by all this weekend. As always, Quiz On!

Eastern Extravaganza - Experienced
04-10-2014 to 04-12-2014
Chesapeake, VA
27 Teams
Top 4 Teams
RankTeamWinsLossesAvg PPGProjected PPG
1stChesapeake, VA61160.00000168.13039
2ndGainesville, FL52162.14286162.50000

Eastern Extravaganza - Intermediate
04-10-2014 to 04-12-2014
21 Teams
Top 2 Teams
RankTeamWinsLossesAvg PPGProjected PPG
1stWilmington, DE 161183.57143219.46535
2ndGainesville, FL62140.00000164.33279

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